Lil Baby Gifts His Former High School with $150,000 in Scholarships

By: Kyle Daniels

Rapper Lil Baby, real name—Dominique Jones, visited his alma mater on Wednesday to surprise students at Booker T. Washington High School—with a performance and $150,000 in scholarships!

Lil Baby’s debut album, titled “My Turn” has gained much success during its recent release. He performed two songs from the album for the ecstatic teens.

During his visit, he also announced the endowed $150,000 scholarship program fittingly titled “My Turn” for students of Booker T. Washington High School.

The Grammy-nominated rapper, who’s also known for his personal generosity said the scholarships will be awarded to students who show excellence and leadership in the classroom.

Atlanta Public Schools officials said the first scholarship was awarded to a senior athlete who will attend Dartmouth College in the fall.

“A majority of the students in these neighborhoods, when they have good grades most of them don’t have support,” Lil Baby shared. “They don’t have a family who can afford to send them to a good college or the college they want to go to.”

From the time I left here to now, I’ve had a crazy journey,” he told Billboard. “It feels good to be able to come back on a positive note and actually touch this ground again and see some of these faces again.”

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