Russell and Ciara Wilson to Donate One Million Meals to Seattle Food Lifeline

By: Kyle Daniels

Russell and Ciara Wilson are doing their part to help others during the Coronavirus pandemic.

To help those in need, Wilson and Ciara announced that they will donate a million meals to Food Lifeline, an organization that distributes food to more than 300 food banks, shelters and meal programs throughout Western Washington.

“We’ve decided to partner with our local food bank in Seattle, Seattle Food Lifeline, and we’re going to donate a million meals and hopefully make a difference,” said Russell Wilson via Twitter.

The couple encouraged social distancing and shared their sentiments to those that were effected by the disease.

The Wilsons also encouraged fans to join them in helping those in need. Donations to Food Lifeline can be made at

The power couple ended the video by saying this: “Praying for you guys. Praying for everyone out there. Love you guys.”

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