Giorgio Armani Donates €1.25 Million to Italian Hospitals to Tackle Coronavirus

By: Kyle Daniels

Italian designer and fashion icon Giorgio Armani has donated 1.25 million euros to four hospitals to help tackle Italy’s coronavirus outbreak.

Armani donated the money through his fashion Group—to three Milan-based hospitals and Rome’s Spallanzani hospital as well as the Civil Protection Agency.

The Civil Protection Agency, established in 1992, is a national body in Italy that deals with the prediction, prevention and management of emergency events.

According to recent news, in just over two weeks the number of recorded cases in Italy has surged to 7,375 with 366 deaths, which has drastically strained its health system.

Armani is also taking health precautions with his staff. The majority of employees of the Milan-based group are working from home and its production sites are operating with as few people as possible.

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